21 June 2019

automotiveEV to address the multifaceted aspects of electric vehicles

The evolution of the electric vehicle is rapid and proving a significant challenge to OEMs and their bank accounts.

The level of OEM cooperation and collaboration is unprecedented. The days of arch rivalry and going it alone are over. The traditional OEM now accepts that they need to embrace fresh thinking and work with individuals and organisations outside the “club”. The message is clear to any OEM just because you have a history and track record is not a given right to survive in this fast-changing market. Likewise, they cannot ignore non-traditional auto participants; strength will come from collaboration and open-mindedness.

The issues relating to electric vehicle are multifaceted and includes (take a deep breath) the costs and environmental impact of EV’s; the limitations and risks of existing battery technology - lithium ion is akin to the stroppy teenager which one hopes will grow into a responsible adult; range angst; charging process and availability; issue of recycling batteries; developing lighter batteries and non-dependance upon rare earth metals; EV and the grid - are EV’s a drain or part of the grid solution? opportunities for new players like DHL and Dyson; is EV just for the premium market and will the likes of Fiesta and Clio become extinct?; sale and marketing of EVs; the role of government and regulators; EV and motorsport.

Also, will EV be a lonely child or will there be scope for siblings such as hydrogen; and what of its elder relatives? Is it really the end of the road for ICE or will there be space for biodiesel and other biofuels?

Further, how do you measure zero emission? At the tailpipe or accountability for all aspects of production including power generation?

There is the relationship between EV, autonomous driving and connectivity - many contend that EV and autonomous are synonymous to one another. However, everyone I know who has ridden or driven in an electric vehicle have been enamoured by the quietness and flexibility. Could affordable EVs be the X factor to entice youngsters to rush to take a driving test? If EVs are fun to drive (and environmentally respectable) could EV be a rival to self-driving than its complement?

What do the younger generations want from a vehicle and their views on mobility? After all, they are tomorrow’s market.

A lot of questions for sure and that’s why I am very pleased and excited to announce the automotiveEV conference at the University of Warwick, Coventry on the 7-8th October. This debut conference will be a holistic overview of EV, the issues and it's future. Also, EVs interaction with ICE and the OEM traditional supply chain too.

Further, Three6Zero will be launching a new digital magazine highlighting and analysing all the different strands of the EV revolution and its relationship with other power sources. The legal and regulatory framework is immense and having to address some untried territories. We will aim to shine a light on these matters and demystify the issue.

automotiveEV will add to Three6Zero’s portfolio building upon its reputation within the supply chain and mobility markets. Also, we will be looking at new ways to help and support our readership and delegates as they take on new mobility challenges.

If you are interested in being a delegate, sponsor, exhibitor or speaker at the October event then we will very pleased to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Julian Wilkins

Postscript: According to City AM newspaper, the employees at Nissan and Renault involved in joint ventures between the two companies have idle hands as work has dried up since the arrest of Carlos Ghosn last November suggesting the gulf between the organisation's increases. Another source says that Renault will have a seat at Nissan’s four new committees. Meanwhile, Mr Ghosn’s US citizen wife, Carole, has called for President Trump to intervene when he meets Japan’s Prime Minister saying her husband is a victim of a corporate coup. Nissan argues justification for bringing their complaints against Mr Ghosn.

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