25 January 2019

Connecting leaders from across the globe

This week saw the first newMobility LiVE event in Coventry connect leaders and visionaries from across the sector, offering an exciting and unique snapshot of the industry. The event explored five essential pillars we believe will define our future mobility: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric and Design.

ACES or CASE are obviously abbreviations we are all familiar with, but we also believe Design is an essential addition and so holding the event in Coventry’s TechnoCentre and in partnership with the NTDC was by no means a coincidence. The truth is, our future mobility won’t get off the ground without the designs behind it. From effective to ergonomic, efficient to elegant, how we move will always reflect something of ourselves and be an expression of our personalities.

The days agenda was broken down into 3 key themed sessions: Automated, Connected, Electrified and Shared | Electrification | Mobility Infrastructure and Solutions - and asking questions of our speakers like - What does the future in a world of ACES look like? What are the challenges and opportunities presented to industry and customers and how can the UK continue to lead the sector? What is the future of Electrification and what technological solutions can we expect to see in the short and long term? Looking at mobility as a whole, what do cross sector solutions look like and what does the infrastructure have to provide to make the application and transition possible?

Of course, the answers to these questions remain far-reaching, with differing views on each and every aspect, the day offered the chance to connect and share in those views, bringing lively debate from some of those leading the way. The main topics and debated from the day can be read in our conference review.

A special thank you to our supporters for the event: MAGNA, Jaguar Land Rover and the National Transport Design Centre, and thank you to all involved in helping to make the event a great success, rest assured work has already started on how we make the next one an even bigger success.

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